Perlan’s blog collects the thoughts and experiences of team members from the multiple disciplines needed to build and prepare the aircraft, plan the flight, and carry out the mission. Here, you’ll find insights from the designers, craftspeople, pilots, meteorologists, and support personnel who will make Perlan’s record ascents a reality. Perlan’s blog will be an opportunity to delve into the challenges and triumphs that travel with the giant sailplane.

Airbus Group Sponsorship Announcement


We are very excited to announce that Airbus Group is sponsoring the Perlan Project. This deal will allow the Perlan 2 glider to be finished, flight tested and fly to record altitudes.

The official announcement of the sponsorship will be made at EAA Oshkosh AirVenture at 2pm. Hopefully shortly after the announcement we will have pictures and videos of the event.

Major Announcement Coming July 28, 2014


The Perlan Project is going to make an important announcement about a new sponsor on the 28th of July at the EAA Airventure “Oshkosh” airshow. If you are going to be at the show, make sure you are in the main ramp area at 2pm on Monday.

Oshkosh 2013


The Perlan Project has been invited to display our cockpit mockup at EAA AirVenture 2013. If you don’t know, this is the largest airshow in the world.

Look for us in the Innovation Pavilion (on the right as you walk down the central avenue.)

This is kind of last-minute, as we only heard about this opportunity two days ago and we have had to scramble to get things ready. Hopefully we will put on a good enough show to be invited back next year. Then we will have more time to plan and let our fans know.